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Law of Attraction, The Secret, Course in Miracles, Creative Energy, manifesting desires, abundance, gratitude

The Creation Guild
Imagine the powerful flow that begins when you build space to purposefully create by Janice Gallant

The Creation Guild - A guidebook that frames the creative impulse not simply as a means to an end but as a profound universal imperative running through all of us. By connecting to our creative source energy, we plug into the current that powers the universe. The Creation Guild is for those who want to align with that universal creative energy and learn to build awareness of the nuances that block or enhance this flow. What exactly is this seemingly unpredictable surge of creative energy? How can you continuously bask in it? How is it connected to the creations in life? What we are empowered to create is not merely art, but lives. Informed by the teaching of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, and A Course in Miracles, author Janice Gallant shares her story and offers step by step techniques for the conscious manifestation of the life you always dreamed of.

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Janice Gallant is a teacher, writer, and artist whose paintings have sold across North America. She has been long aware of the profound nature of creative energy - an intrinsic well from which all individual artistic expression ultimately draws its power. It was a force she felt an awareness of from a young child. She and her husband live with their two dogs, on an acreage in Alberta, Canada in view of the inspirational Rocky Mountains. The Creation Guild is her first book. For more information on Janice visit her website at: or


Janice Gallant

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