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If you take a Sailboat to Water... cover

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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Caretaking, Friends and family, New family, Sailboat, Sailing, Water safety, Water sports/ travel

If you take a Sailboat to Water...
by Janet Kennedy Kiefer

If a sailboat was a person

what would she need?

She would need water to sail on and give her life.

She would need wind for her sails so she could glide through the water.

She would need her people to sail her from place to place exploring the world around her.

If a sailboat was a person

what would she want?

She would want great joy. She would want a family to love her and take care of her. She would want wonderful memories of her adventures.

Come on the adventure in,

If you Take a Sailboat to

Water ...

Janet Kennedy Kiefer has shared wonderful stories with others for many years. She is truly a master storyteller! Her new book is about old and new memories, and the wonderful journey of adventure. Sailing has played a big part in Janet's life and this story you will learn about taking care of things that are important, the art of sailing, being safe, and enjoying being together.

Debbie Sullivan, Early Childhood Special Education, Speech and Language Pathologist, Grandmother

Some of us need a new start in life and that’s just what happens in, “If You Take a Sailboat to Water”. Janet Kennedy Kiefer, a certified teacher, a small and big boat US Sailing certified captain, brings us a story to entertain, teach, and help heal; great for preschool through the early grades. You can’t help but smile when this little sailboat finds her new people!"

Barbara Strutner, RN, Grandmother

Janet Kennedy Kiefer photo

Janet is passionate about the water. She loves the streams, ponds, lakes, and oceans!! Every chance she gets, she wants to be in the water or sailing on it. Growing up in California, Janet began sailing at the age of 19 when she met her to-be-husband Peter, who already was a sailor. Peter and Janet have sailed for forty-five years now. They are both certified sailors with the U.S. Sailing Association. Together, and with their son and daughter, their family has explored waters from the San Juan Islands to the British Virgin Islands. They have sailed big boats and even adventured on a real live Schooner in Penobscot Bay, Maine.

Janet is a retired teacher with a Masters Degree in Special Education with a specialty in Early Childhood Education. She worked with children from birth through high school and children with all kinds of special needs. Janet has a strong belief that all children can learn. Becoming an author of children’s books was just a natural extension of Janet’s love of children and her love of learning. This is Janet’s fifth book. Be sure to look for the other four memorable tales to share with your children and grandchildren.


Janet Kennedy Kiefer
Dr. Alma Alvarez-Smith

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