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Orion, black crystals, Simon and Sam, first contact on the moon, Alien technology, water on the moon, Area 51

Orion: Escape Velocity
by I. James Forrest

With the world racing to claim the water rights at the Moon’s south pole, a Chinese rover mysteriously disappears in the same area, on the eve of an historic joint US/ Canada Moon launch. When the next generation space ship, Endurance, encounters mechanical problems, the mission is threatened. With no other solution, Orion and his friends attempt a secret rescue mission, using his alien father’s technology. Their adventure uncovers NASA’s true mission; the construction of a covert moon base which leads to the discovery of an ancient object deep within a crater.

On a journey that begins with a bar fight in New Orleans with near death consequences, a gunfight in Afghanistan and finally a confrontational flight to AREA 51, Orion and his team must face espionage and sabotage as they rush to save the astronauts, without jeopardizing their own lives.

With fast-paced action, Forrest and his unique style draws on his characters from Orion Surfacing and continues their adventure, taking readers around the world and to the moon. Forrest skillfully weaves a plot with multiple twists and turns equal to the master storytellers of our time.

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“Write what you know.” This simple piece of advice, received many years ago, set I. James Forrest on a path of exploration and adventure that has lasted a lifetime. Never satisfied with the boundaries of limited knowledge or experience, he has become a true outdoor adventure junkie. Hiking the forests of his northern Ontario home, trekking through the tropical jungles of the Dominican Republic, diving the ‘blue holes’ of the Bahamas and extinct volcano craters in Hawaii, swimming with bottlenose dolphins and hammerhead sharks, hang-gliding, skydiving... Forrest has explored some of the most astonishing places and experiences the world has to offer, and does his best to bring those experiences to his writing.


I. James Forrest

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