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10 Days in January
...1 Husband, 2 Brothers, 3 Sons, 4 Dads...
by Eleanor Deckert

MEET THE MENFOLK: a First-Born Son a reliable provider precious babies rambunctious rascals competitive teens a priest a professor a labourer an athlete a sailor a bridegroom SEE THE VIEW: from the the top of Pikes Peak within a Church Community in a homeschooling family inside the struggles of a defiant child TRAVEL TO: a hospital ward a wedding a funeral a birthday dinner a one-room log cabin a graduation a family reunion HEAR: a telephone call crying in the night a counselling appointment a confession the alarm clock in the morning singing at bedtime

~~~~Here is a memoir of the strongest variety.~~~~ The story is often raw and heartbreaking, the observations insightful, the descriptions richly textured. Editor, Friesen Press

Eleanor Deckert photo

January, 1959 Little Eleanor is given two dolls in anticipation of the twins her mother will soon give birth to. What happens next shapes Eleanor's view of her Self, her family, her spiritual Journey, and begins her search for healthy relationships with her father, brothers, husband, sons. Like a puzzle, Eleanor fits together bright and dark portraits of her family and relationships. Like stepping stones, detailed descriptions bring the reader from early childhood, through marriage, parenting, soul-searching and the empty nest.


Eleanor Deckert

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