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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

teddy bears, pixies, butterflies, magic, traveling, traveling the world, friends

The Adventure Begins
Bo Bear Travels the World
by J.R. Davidson

Bo Bear Travels the World is the first book in a series, chronicling Bo Bear's adventures as he travels to different cities around the world. An unsuspecting teacher finds Bo Bear, an ordinary toy bear with extraordinary charms. He quickly meets a beautiful fairy who befriends him and their adventures begin. Have fun and learn with Bo Bear, as he meets new friends and learns about the wonderful world around him.

Where will his travels take him next?

Jody Davidson resides in Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada with her husband Mike and children Bodie and Kennedy. Her passion for travelling and love of children, have come to life in Bo Bear Travels the World. Jody's family have travelled together, to different countries and cities around the world. It was during these trips she saw how educational travel is for children. Not all children get to travel the world but through these books they can learn about new places and new cultures. Jody hopes that parents and teachers will read these books to children and get out a map or globe and teach children about our world. There are many beautiful places and people to be seen and met, all over the world.


J.R. Davidson

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