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  • Bunny Angel


    Sisters Jennifer Lewis Gallagher and Robin Baird Lewis pair up in this tale of a small child’s emotional adventure: the desire for an obsessively loved toy, tragic loss and then a delirious find. Included is a simple knitting pattern for any skill ...

  • 3 Detectives

    Case of the Toy Robot by

    Fourteen-year-old Thomas can’t resist sneaking into the basement to see if his parents have bought him the robot he wants for his birthday. And guess what? They have! But when the impatient Thomas flips the robot’s switch, something absolutely ...

  • Budaniel

    and Simba the Toy Lion by

    Nathaniel and his parents were visiting Grandpa and Grandma where he would play with other cousins and their toys. In all of the happiness and excitement of the day, Simba the Lion, and the little boy’s favorite toy, was lost. Nathaniel was sad ...

  • Ti Town Bears Day Care Adventures

    Teaching International Bears Adventures by

    The purpose of this book is to help parents prepare their children for daycare or when the day comes and the parents will need to leave their child with someone else. There will come a day when the child will need to go to school or daycare. Many ...

  • The Dolly That Lost Her Socks


    Developing a child's imagination and creativity is what I as an author try to do in my writing. I always attempted to do that with my three girls over the years starting at a very young age. I hope parents that read this book to preview it and ...

  • The Adventure Begins

    Bo Bear Travels the World by

    Bo Bear Travels the World is the first book in a series, chronicling Bo Bear's adventures as he travels to different cities around the world. An unsuspecting teacher finds Bo Bear, an ordinary toy bear with extraordinary charms. He quickly meets a ...

  • McTavish


    A delightful and charming tale of a childhood blanket "McTavish" whose "boy" has outgrown him. McTavish deals with the loss of his now college aged boy and all the changes around him by helping others in his neighbourhood. Sneaking out the window, ...

  • The Adventures of Maesee Peek


    With her wonderful bouffant of bright, purple hair, handmade Maesee Peek is no ordinary doll. She’s got a gold monocle that lets her see amazing things, a mystical timepiece that opens up history for her, and a padded bustle on the back of her ...

  • Bear Family Adventures


    What would happen if you took a family of bears out for a number of adventures? Perhaps they would find a lost cub they could comfort, go for an exciting day's sailing with exploring and fishing. They could climb rocks and pick blackberries. Then ...