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Wisdom soul startup, Lessons in love, Miracles within you, Quiet your ego, Accept who you are, Follow your soul path, Find your own miracles.

Wisdom. Soul. Startup.
by Janice Taylor

Release Your Ego.

Manifesting a vision may seem an impossible dream, but this story explains how releasing your ego and following your soul path is the key to manifesting your dreams.

In this inspiring book, Janice Taylor shares her story of the lessons growing up through tough times in Canada, and how she searched for, and found, the wisdom to turn her life around. Her commitment to finding solutions to healing early trauma points led to the 25 year study of healing and development of Ahava. From appearing as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, to working across Professional Sports, Music and Entertainment industries. Over a decade in the technology industry, becoming a venture backed founder to returning home to her healing roots with Ahava. Transforming her pain into purpose was the only path forward for Taylor.

Surrender to Your Soul.

When she walked away from everything she knew, Taylor did not know where her journey would take her. With no more than an idea in her head, she jumped onto a roller-coaster ride that made her look deep within to overcome obstacles, discover miracles, and begin living a life of abundance and Great Love.

Each chapter includes stories of soul and ego that we can all relate to, showing us how we, too, can release the behaviours that hold us back, and start living life with purpose, joy, and love.

Start Up Your Life.

When you have reached the point where you are ready to turn your life around, this book will guide and inspire as you navigate the paths of soul and ego. Throughout these pages, you will find journalling exercises to help you recognize the ego at work and discover the soul purpose in your life.

This collection of life-lessons and age-old wisdom is every person's journey. Each story is designed to help shed light and understanding on the obstacles we face, and, ultimately, to help each of us begin our own startup journey.


Henrietta Poirier, Editor

Harvey Bremner, Photographer

CEO and founder of Ahava Healing Inc, Janice Taylor is a tech founder and entrepreneur, mental health and online safety advocate. Her credo of kindness, acceptance and a genuine compassion for her fellow human beings drives the vision of her entrepreneurial enterprises. Over the last 25 years of study Janice has developed an innovative modality to how people heal from early trauma pain points. This practice of healing has been perfected across 1000s of clients where clients transform pain into purpose.

Over the course of Janice's tech career she has worked across all 5 Major Sports Leagues, Entertainment and Music Industry solving problems around digital safety and economic equality for artists and creatives. From AI technology to the world of Blockchain and Crypto, Janice has invented category changing technology platforms that solve injustice and cause emotional pain. She is returning to her healing roots with Ahava (Ah-ha) Healing with world class healing centres so that people can return to their true selves.

As a community advocate, Janice was awarded Honorary Captain of the Royal Canadian Navy along with many other community awards from the Consulate of Canada where she was honoured as one of 12 Tech Women in Canada. Following the launch of her first company, she was selected as one of Oprah’s Ultimate Viewers which sent her to Australia with Oprah Winfrey, a life changing event that shaped the growth of Ahava Healing.

Growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada, gave Janice a background of strong community values which she brings to the tech industry and healing modality through her work in both Canada and Silicon Valley. As an entrepreneur and mother of two beautiful girls, Janice’s mission is to awaken people with love by decoding our pain into our purpose. Janice believes all human beings have a unique story to tell and Ah-ha waiting to be birthed.


Janice Taylor
Harvey Bremner
Henrietta Poirier

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