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Farm life, Rural Ontario, Country living, Canadian stories, Canadian memoir, Family stories, Greater Toronto Area

Rural Vignettes
by Antonia Chatson

There is the episode when a neighboring youth hid two cases of beer in their privy and the time that the author nearly burned down the farm. And no farm story would be complete without a tale about laughing cows, and there was the time that three convicts tried to get accommodation for the night. This book is a series of anecdotes about the hobby farm, her family and the farming community in which the author grew up

during the 1950s. Maybe the characters and events were larger than life or maybe they weren’t. It really doesn’t matter, it makes for intriguing and humorous reading.

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Once again, the author, Antonia Chatson, BA, ARCT, is living in an old farmhouse—the homestead of her late husband’s family—in Denbigh, Ontario. It is 114 years old, and she is enjoying doing renovations to it. She lives with her daughter, two rescue dogs, a myriad of cats with the occasional mouse thrown in for excitement. The author is active in her local church and her hobbies include gardening, playing the piano, making soap and braiding rugs.


Antonia Chatson

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