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Great Depression, Tennessee, farming, rural life, 20th Century history, biography & autobiography, personal memoirs

Muriel's Memories
Adventures of a Tennessee Farm Girl by Muriel Franks Bradley

As anyone who has spent time living on a working farm can attest to, it’s a world you can’t understand unless you live it.

Imagine a rural farm in Tennessee at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century — no tractors, running water or plumbing.

Farming was done with mules and horses; transportation by horse-drawn wagon.

In the 1920s a young girl named Muriel Franks grows up on a family farm in Hardin County, Tennessee. These are the collected stories of that girl, who would grow up to graduate from a university at a time when women were a minority at college. In rich detail, Muriel tells us the stories of her life, her community, her family and friends, her neighbors her Methodist religion, her work, and some of the major developments that reshaped American society — from the Great Depression to the Second World War, continuing into the twenty-first century.

From churning butter to making kraut, from church to the 4-H club, from building roads to making coffins, Muriel’s Memories weaves a rich tapestry of history as written by someone intimate with the importance of historical accuracy.

Winnie Muriel Frank-Bradley (1921–2012) has been a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, professional, volunteer and so much more. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1944 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics. After graduation, she worked as a Home Demonstration Agent for the University of Tennessee in Lewis County, TN. Muriel was the Food Supervisor at Jackson Madison County Hospital until 1959. In 1980, she received the national Distinguished Health Care Food Administrator Award. Muriel’s family still owns and operates “Spring Valley Farm”, which her father first started in 1881 with a small tract of land that has expanded and now stretches over 825 acres. Muriel’s Memories was written from the heart of a woman devoted to her family and community for just over ninety years. She wrote these short stories in her later years as a historical legacy. Muriel is no longer with us, but her lively and humorous spirit lives on in her loved ones’ hearts, and in Muriel’s Memories.


Muriel Franks Bradley

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