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  • Ohio River Road Trip

    Tracing the Country's Western Movement by

    In 2018, author and historian Randall P. Royka set out with his wife to retrace the westward movement of pioneers along the Ohio River after American Independence. Part history, part travelogue, Ohio River Road Trip shares on-the-ground experience ...

  • The Hero of Mississippi Burning


    1964 was the height of the Civil Rights and Wrongs Movement, and America was in turmoil. I was eight years old and visiting the town of Philadelphia, Mississippi for a family reunion. This story is about something I have remembered from that time, ...

  • Muriel's Memories

    Adventures of a Tennessee Farm Girl by

    As anyone who has spent time living on a working farm can attest to, it’s a world you can’t understand unless you live it. Imagine a rural farm in Tennessee at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century — no tractors, running water or ...

  • Warrior at Heart

    Governor John Milton, King Cotton, and Rebel Florida 1860-1865 by

    John Milton—a true son of the South— endeavored to find ways in which to keep Florida relevant to the Confederate cause. Under Milton, Florida was a key contributor of supplies for the Confederate Army. supplies. By pledging men, beef, and salt ...