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  • The Hero of Mississippi Burning


    1964 was the height of the Civil Rights and Wrongs Movement, and America was in turmoil. I was eight years old and visiting the town of Philadelphia, Mississippi for a family reunion. This story is about something I have remembered from that time, ...

  • Muriel's Memories

    Adventures of a Tennessee Farm Girl by

    As anyone who has spent time living on a working farm can attest to, it’s a world you can’t understand unless you live it. Imagine a rural farm in Tennessee at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century — no tractors, running water or ...

  • Warrior at Heart

    Governor John Milton, King Cotton, and Rebel Florida 1860-1865 by

    John Milton—a true son of the South— endeavored to find ways in which to keep Florida relevant to the Confederate cause. Under Milton, Florida was a key contributor of supplies for the Confederate Army. supplies. By pledging men, beef, and salt ...