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Personal journey, Environment, Mind and body, Love and loss, —Celebrations, Relationships, Friends and family

Blind Insight
by Leigh Jacob

How do you see the world when you are blind? How does the world see you? Blind Insight shares one woman’s experience growing up legally blind. In poetry and art, the author takes us on a journey through memory, introducing the main characters in her life and ones she’s crossed paths with time and again. Her portrayals are honest, showing us both the positive and negative for together they have shaped the person she’s become. With thoughts about love and loss, friendship and nature, the concrete and the intangible, this collection offers insights that are anything but blind.

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Growing up with challenges wasn’t easy for poet Leigh Jacob. However, early in life she found a way to express herself and let go of her emotions: “I choose writing over crying and have done so since childhood.” While she enjoys celebrating the positive people and events in her life, Leigh knows it’s important to talk about the difficult encounters as well. It’s those moments that can bring out strengths we didn’t know we possessed. The author lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada.


Leigh Jacob

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