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Grief and Healing, Life After Death, Grandmother, mother, daughter, Highway to Heaven, Spirituality

Shattering the Glass Heart
Finding the Magic of Possibilities After Trauma and Loss
by Louise M. Brandson, Laura L. Brandson and Rhiann A.L. Hosking

This moving account of loss, grief, healing, and spiritual awakening is written and narrated by three individuals: Louise Brandson, Laura Brandson, and Rhiann Hosking. It traces the aftermath of the sudden death, in a horrific automobile accident, of a central figure in the three authors' lives - a husband, father, and grandfather, respectively. This book as well, is an empowering account of the journey through domestic abuse and ultimate triumphant over the life altering effects experienced by author Laura Brandson and family. Each individual describes her path from the initial shock through the grieving process toward healing and spiritual awakening. This work will appeal to those who have lost a loved one or lived through domestic abuse, and are searching for solace. At it's heart, this work explores the beautiful and mystical nature of life and life after death.

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Louise Brandson has a B.Ed degree. After the death of her husband Ralph, she was drawn to pursuing studies in Thanatology, (the study of death and associated practices.) She also received training in grief coaching in order to help others on their journey. She is the co-author of “The Enchanted Garden” a book for children and is currently working on publishing her poetry and a short story. She plans on continuing to share her journey through articles and stories.

Laura Brandson has trained in hypnotherapy, and grief coaching. She has received her level two Reiki training. She continues to pursue her passion of living a magical life and would love to inspire others with the message that we can all discover and live our passions. She is excited to be pursuing her dream of professional speaking, coaching, and eventually offering retreats. She is currently a student of international business coach Carolin Soldo, in her program Brand Your Passions.

Rhiann Hosking is currently pursuing her love of writing, acting, and makeup artistry. She is the co-author of “The Enchanted Garden”. Rhiann has more stories to come, including a series of children’s books.


Louise M. Brandson
Laura L. Brandson
Rhiann A.L. Hosking

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