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Adam Stone, Dominance, Erotic romance, Gia and the Prince, Role-playing, Submission, Violet Cole

Solid Stone: Odyssey
by E.G. Patrick




I loved him once.

But I can't anymore.

We're living together, playing out all my fantasies. 

I love every second of his touch and the trust that comes with it.

I don't want to say no, I'm not supposed to. He owns me.

And it feels so good when he does. 

But what about her? 






I relish in control.

Of my life, my money, my bed.

Only when Violet is in it am I truly content.

But things are changing, I can feel it. She's falling apart.


But what I don't understand is, why?

The Solid Stone series is highly arousing and totally engrossing. You will remember it forever and fantasize about it often.

E. G. Patrick loves travel, the outdoors and is ruled by her heart. She believes in true love and living life passionately. Her desire is to write books that will be entertaining, loved and remembered.


E.G. Patrick

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