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Ocean adventures, Travel adventures, Exotic travel, Sailing, South Pacific islands, Travel memoirs, Humour

The Good Life
Sailing in the South Pacific in the good ship Mah-lish
by Mallory Eaglewood

This book narrates the fascinating and sometimes dangerous but always thought-provoking adventures of the good ship Mah-lish. In a lighted-hearted and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny way, we enjoy Don and Esther Brown's odyssey around the South Pacific in the 1970's. The people and places you will meet in these pages will truly enhance your life - from the real Robinson Caruso in the Cook Islands to a gracious matriarch in Tonga and a dog who talks with dolphins. You will go hunting lobsters in the middle of the night on Mopelia and find humour in a terrific gale. Exciting, poignant and always engaging – the read is not merely a voyeurism, you truly become a member of the crew sharing laughter, fear and amazement.

Go ahead laugh yourself to sleep and explore profound insights with a remarkable couple.

Mallory Eaglewood (B.A, M.A. SPD) has written book of poems called Hummingbirds Vol. 1, 11 text books on literature, a play called Pint Pistachios, 2 novels: Pink Pistachios and Who Would Have Known, and 41 short stories. As a Grandmother of three, she brings to her work a jam-packed background of experiences - including a career as a literature teacher, an officer in the Canadian Military and a meditation mentor in a Buddhist Abbey. She has worked in Scotland, England and Greece and has had a lifelong interest in First Nations, art and history. Along the way, she has been scuba diving in the South Pacific, hitch-hiking in Syria and communing with the Lochness Monster. These life adventures infuse her work: a heart-felt, honest exploration of what it is to be human.


Mallory Eaglewood

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