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obesity, father-daughter, Chicago, African-American, women’s prison, sisters, survival

The Outspoken Elephant in the Room
by John P.F. Christian

Born into a troubled family! Patricia Wakes is like the black sheep. Not only is she overweight but she struggles with mental health issues as well. Her sister gets the majority of attention from her family! Not to mention she is also much more attractive than Patricia. Being bullied at school doesn’t even describe the half of it! It being the emotional turmoil and anguish the protagonist/ narrator goes through throughout this fictional drama! The ordeals that Patricia has to go through by the hands of bullies; or what I would like to call them troubled demons is proof enough that anyone can survive and thrive through just about anything.

John Christian much like Patricia has gone through much turmoil in life! Although I am not overweight nor have I ever been! I am no stranger to emotional and physical trauma suffered by the hands of my parents and fellow peers. One thing I never did was hang my head or complain too tough about my many ordeals! I always just kept fighting the good fight! Somehow knowing that my perseverance would one day pay off! I am not a college graduate nor did I attend Harvard; but I always had drive and ambition. That being said I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!


John P.F. Christian

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