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  • Celtic Knot

    A Clara Swift Tale by

    1868 Ottawa D’Arcy McGee is assassinated. As John A. Macdonald cradles his friend’s bloody head, he blames transplanted Irish terrorists: the Fenian Brotherhood. Within a day, Patrick James Whelan is arrested. After a show trial, Whelan is ...

  • Life is a Dance, Step One


    Life leaves a mark-a limp-a scar... in exchange for a song-a kiss-a star... Author, GreenBranch, aka Dorothy Phyllis Miller, writes this historical novel based on a true story in moving scenes depicting the life of a young woman born to an ...

  • Primal Aspects Book 2

    New Ties by

    Two years have passed since the fateful day when Naster’s hometown was destroyed by Yazerick, the dragon aspect, and leader of a rogue band of primal aspects―the Aspect Revolution―whose goal is to overthrow humankind. Only Naster, the wolf aspect, ...

  • Mrs. Langlois' House


    Nix Baines is seventeen years old, and she is displaced and alone. Neglected by her workaholic mother, lacking friends, and haunted by vivid manifestations of her own unexplored emotions, her life seems to be spiralling towards destruction and ...

  • The Village of Misfits


    Anna's young life is turned upside down when the sudden appearance of her revenant grandfather unleashes a myriad of events. After earning back her trust, he reveals the existence of an exclusive society of Shapeshifters, to which she has ...

  • The History Teacher

    A Journey of Spiritual Transformation by

    When the new History teacher arrives at PLJ High, he is confronted by a classroom of students disgruntled with the current education curriculum who want to understand the true purpose of life! In the midst of a powerful spiritual transformation, ...

  • Born in Polar's Den


    On the cusp of adulthood, Meeka is about to confront a clash of lifestyles and cultures as she leaves her community in Canada’s Far North and begins her education in the South. Being a teenager in Nunavut comes with its own challenges, but as a ...

  • Hello, my name is Emily


    For a smart girl, Emily is planning to do something really stupid . . . She's mad at her mother. So what else is new? As a typical teenager, Emily wants a life, but her mother wants to ruin everything! She even treats the family dog better than she ...

  • Platforms


    All jaws drop when high school track and football star Tyler Spence throws in his helmet and cleats to form Dance Machine a “white boy” funk band with four fellow classmates. Rising in popularity, the band sets off on the road to a remote corner of ...