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  • Hello, my name is Emily


    For a smart girl, Emily is planning to do something really stupid . . . She's mad at her mother. So what else is new? As a typical teenager, Emily wants a life, but her mother wants to ruin everything! She even treats the family dog better than she ...

  • Platforms


    All jaws drop when high school track and football star Tyler Spence throws in his helmet and cleats to form Dance Machine a “white boy” funk band with four fellow classmates. Rising in popularity, the band sets off on the road to a remote corner of ...

  • Moxxanne and the Third Zenith


    Tall, buxom and red-headed Moxxanne is a feisty third year law student on a mission. Actually, more than one mission. As a student reporter travelling to Gaylord, Manitoba, she is on assignment to find hometown background on the reclusive author ...

  • Most Beloved Enemy


    When Ada Baldwin watches her mother die giving birth to yet another baby girl, she is changed forever by the experience. It is 1884 and Ada and her 3 younger sisters must now learn to live without their beloved mama in their midst. The younger ...

  • Killed by Fire


    What happens when a pyromaniac becomes a firefighter and what happens when the pyromaniac falls in love with a female firefighter? Killed By Fire, traces the young life of Billy Small, and his fascination with fire. Following the death of his family ...

  • Side Effects


    Sophie was lost, but she didn’t know… From those first words that her narrator speaks Myrna Brown has written another achingly rich tale of a woman searching for true meaning in her life. In Side Effects we experience her guilty childhood history, ...

  • Once in a New Moon

    (Centrewood Cycle, v. 1): NO 1. 1957 by

    In this story, two significant events in Canadian history intersect: the Rollout of the Avro Arrow on October 4, 1957, and the ongoing land claims of the First Nations Mississauga. Lois Michelsen is almost fourteen when she is uprooted from her ...

  • Beside The River


    Seventeen year old Maggie Hanson and her quirky English “mum” live on the edge of poverty in a small riverside mill town during the 1930’s. Maggie is admired by men around town, especially the sly and charming Victor Robertson, her best friends ...

  • Bluenose Country


    Jim Cabot, a widower and retired engineer, endeavors to turn his life around by throwing himself into a four year boat building project that memorializes his late, beloved wife. William (Bill) Gallant, his neighbor and close friend, carries the ...