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  • Looking for Daisy


    Sixty-two-year-old Marguerite has just had her second breast cancer diagnosis following a routine mammogram—and this time she will have to undergo a full mastectomy. Scared and discouraged, she keeps the news to herself so she doesn’t spoil an ...

  • A Patch of Black Ice


    Olivier Lambert is a private detective trying to gather the pieces of his life together after his beloved wife dies in a freak car accident. When he meets Maude, a mysterious woman with a complex case involving a fatal accident, long-lost relatives ...

  • Cycles


    A young couple meets during a Carnival celebration in their beloved city of Lisbon, beginning a passionate and challenging journey together that will span two countries and two political revolutions. Told through Tiago and Marta’s eyes, Cycles ...

  • The Little Sect


    The Little Sect is the story of Michelle and her close-knit extended family in Montreal. Though not without their troubles, they’re mostly happy, until the arrival of her brother’s second child creates the need for a live-in nanny, Lita. Lita’s ...

  • Cottage


    When a wife dies, the survivor is suddenly on his own. This can be especially traumatic if he has depended on her to deal with all the details of their life together. After a disastrous but short-lived first marriage, Mason reconnects with ...

  • Little Maggie


    ‘Baby Maggie was stolen – straight out of the cradle’ This was not a crime – not in any legal way. Maggie was the fourth child born to Marlies and Josito Otero - in the span of four years and four months. Incredible? But true. One plus years later, ...

  • Passages


    Set in the early years of the 20th Century, when travel was measured in increments of days and weeks rather than hours and minutes, this epic family saga transports readers across three continents—Europe, Australia, and North America. It chronicles ...

  • Uncovering Iris


    Stella, adopted at birth, moves from England to Canada following the death of her adoptive parents and the discovery that her live-in boyfriend is gay. On the plane to Toronto she meets Madeleine, whose offer of help to this young and naïve stranger ...

  • The Lady from New York


    The Lady from New York is the third historical novel in the trilogy about the tenacious and inspiring Gladys Tunner. Born in 1829 in Old Nichol—one of the worst slums in London—a young Gladys was forced to commit murder, following which she earned a ...