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  • The Outspoken Elephant in the Room


    Born into a troubled family! Patricia Wakes is like the black sheep. Not only is she overweight but she struggles with mental health issues as well. Her sister gets the majority of attention from her family! Not to mention she is also much more ...

  • Sister B


    The history of Mississippi prompts a young African American mother to leave that state and seek a better life out west. In 1939, while traveling by train from California to Oregon, she encounters a Japanese photographer whose photos are used to plan ...

  • Steal. Kill. Destroy.

    Book 2 of the Forgiveness Series by

    Book 2 of the Forgiveness Series Barely two years ago, Melody Harrison fled her shocking past. The daughter of a pastor, Melody disgraced herself in the eyes of her family and their congregation when she had an affair with her sister’s husband and ...