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Non-fiction, self-help, self-improvement, meditation, law of attraction, mindfulness, personal growth

The Red Pill Book
A Practical Guide To Living Your Best Life by Joseph Horrocks

If you wake up happily content, with love in your heart and grateful for the life you’ve been gifted, then you’re already as rich as it gets. However, for many of us today, despite our best efforts, we yearn for an inner peace and positivity that can sometimes be elusive. But, humans are meant to dream and imagine! We’re meant to strive for a better life. And there is only one way to achieve it: take action! The Red Pill Book will guide you towards the life you are meant to have. You will learn how to harness the immense power of your subconscious mind through increasing your self-awareness, practicing self-care, meditating, and preparing a personal plan for living a life of love and gratitude. Learning to harness the law of attraction is life-changing. But empowering your mind requires dedication and practice. The effort is worth it as you experience the changes it will bring to your life, beliefs, and values. Living your best life is in your hands. With The Red Pill Book as your companion, you can free your true potential for happiness and abundance to reach whatever it is that defines your hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life.

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Debut author Joseph Horrocks was born and raised on the west coast of Canada in beautiful British Columbia. He grew up on the island paradise of Saltspring Island, which he still considers home. He has a deep interest in metaphysics and the intertwined relationships between the practice of mind power, self-improvement, and meditation techniques. He currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. where he runs a successful renovation company.


Joseph Horrocks

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