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stigma, mental health, first responder, memoir, trauma, polygraph, PTSD

The Unsung
Memoirs of a Canadian Federal Agent
by Darren Hudson

As a first responder and polygraph examiner, Darren Hudson was subjected to some of the most horrific scenarios imaginable. From traffic accidents to the twisted inner workings of violent criminals, he needed to stay focused and professional to do his job. However, the strain and post-traumatic stress disorder that came with it caused him years of alienation and suffering, with virtually no institutional support to help him navigate what he experienced.

This tell-all memoir provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Canadian military and intelligence community through the lens of mental health, stigma, and personal growth. It is a wakeup call for some of our slowest moving public agencies and serves as a critical reminder that mental health and support are vital for our first responders and anyone working in traumatic situations.

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Darren Hudson is a certified retired forensic polygraph examiner with over thirty years of criminal investigative experience. His career included work as a first responder in the Canadian Forces both at home and abroad, a polygraph examiner in the Canadian intelligence service, and as an instructor for military, intelligence, and police. While he has authored several training manuals, this is his first book for a wider audience. He lives in Ottawa, Canada, with his son and two dogs.


Darren Hudson

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