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  • That Lucky Old Son

    Re-discovering My Father Through His World War II Bomber Command and POW Experiences by

    A moving work of autobiographical fiction, That Lucky Old Son takes readers on a journey of adventure, danger, and self-discovery as the author weaves his own memories with his father’s experiences in Bomber Command with No. 158 Squadron RAF during ...

  • Unfortunate Sons

    The Beginning of Marine Corps Tanks In The Vietnam War and how I survived Vietnam as a marine tanker by

    Unfortunate Sons is a compelling story It will draw you into Joe Tyson's world as a young Marine Tanker, full of fun and enthusiasm. You will share the daily routines of patrols and combat situations as if you were right there with him. You will ...

  • Soldier of the Sixties

    Part Three: Middle East and the Jungle by

    Soldier of the Sixties is an account of a very ordinary soldier serving in extraordinary circumstances - a historical record of what it was like to serve in the British Army more than fifty years ago. This story will be of great interest to anyone ...

  • A Stroll Down Piccadilly

    The Reflections of a British Royal Marine by

    A Stroll Down Piccadilly is a biographical narrative style memoir of James Headley Harris. Jim and his best friend Harry learned about the world and tried to adjust to the bombings, death, and rationings of the World War ll era in Birmingham, ...

  • Buckshot & Johnnycakes


    'Buckshot & Johnnycakes' is a heart-warming true-life story of two 11 year old boys who met in the Scouting Movement in the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia and spent the next 56 years of their lives sharing one ...

  • Only an Observer


    “There before us were two Fokker biplanes giving one of our planes a bad time…. He was going down…. we were together in seconds….I fired on the Jerry….under our crippled plane…. the other Jerry swept across us…. so close I had an excellent look at ...

  • Unauthorized Acts

    Risky Tales from a Vietnam Medic by

    Medic Criss Hinson had been in Vietnam for only four days when unauthorized, he joined a flight in need of a medic to help transport wounded back to Da Nang. The plane was hit by machine gun rounds and forced to land in nearby rice paddies. Its ...

  • Six Days of Impossible

    Navy SEAL Hell Week - A Doctor Looks Back by

    Hell Week has never been described so effectively. Six days in Hell define every SEAL that moves past the point of no return in their minds. Robert Adams, MD brings the experiences of his classmates into view with real, difficult to believe ...

  • Cape Bretoner at Large

    From New Waterford to Tokyo and Beyond by

    Although this book, written for his grandchildren, is one man's chronicle of his life and his 38 year career in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Cold War, it is also a compelling story about pride in one's cultural roots, the pursuit of adventure, ...