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Useful Quotes
by Ali Zokaee

The book is the collection of the quotes that mostly have either practical value and meaning, or in some cases just beautifully and harmonically put together

as a phrase.

The first chapter is comprised of the quotes that I have come up with and haven’t heard or read from any other source at least in this format.

The second chapter, is comprised of the quotes that have been said by other people in the past.

All of the quotes in both chapters, address some part of the process of dealing with obstacles in real life.

As a music and movie collector, the influences that my idols in the past had on me both in cinema and music, and the process of maturing the raw ideas took me and taught me, and also some powerful quotes from the people who were not involved in these two fields, but had more than enough value and power to be included, resulted and summarized in this book.


Ali Zokaee

What People are Saying

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