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Optimism, Resilience, Discovery, Existential, Challenge, Philosophy, Life

Life on the Brink
A Funny Look At The Journey Of Discovery by Andrew Stephenson

Praise for Life on the Brink:

“… an achingly raw memoir that balances existential quandaries with a healthy sense of humor.” - Eric, Editor

Have you ever wondered why we’re here or what it’s all for?

Do you sometimes get so caught up in your thoughts that you forget that they aren’t real and only exist in your head?

What if you could change your perspective and view the events in your life as happening for you, rather than to you? Do you think this could change your reaction? Could it then also have a positive impact on your overall outlook and how you view each day?

Life on the Brink is a book of memories and reflections, told with the author’s charismatic and hilarious take on growing up, raising a family and facing life’s many challenges.

This book will help you laugh a lot, cry a bit, and slow down long enough to think. You might even end up a little more hopeful and believe the journey to discovery is worth the struggle.

Andrew Stephenson has been writing to make people laugh and to encourage them to think for as long as he can remember. A self-described writer in business man’s clothing, he worked in accounting and marketing before deciding to pursue his dream of being an author.

He has three children and lives in Danbury, Connecticut.


Andrew Stephenson

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