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Self-Help, Anxiety and Depression, Stress Management, Thoughts and Emotions, Immune System, Trauma

Manage Your Stress
A Practical Approach
by Dr. Uchenna Egodi Ajake (nee Agba)

The natural role of the present day man is anxiety. The story of stress is as old as humanity. Life itself centers on stress and how to conquer it. The word stress cuts across all disciplines. In physics and engineering it connotes load, in biology it produces elasticity, in physiology stress could be positive or negative producing abnormal limit (higher or lower) from the normal and in pathology it could lead to organ failure.

In view of the numerous consequences of stress which could lead to diseases and emotional or mental disorders makes this book “manage your stress: a practical approach” a must read material. There is therefore a crucial need to enlighten and educate everyone with this basic, simple to read and practical approach to managing stress. It should be noted that everyone encounters stress but the response to stress varies from person to person and from occupation to occupation.

The author as an educationist has taken steps to elaborate on basic issues in stress and how to manage it. Most exciting to me are the quotations concerning stress and the nutritional value of common foods and drinks on stress. Finally, am compelled to accept that this book is resourceful, with a wide appeal, easy to read and also acceptable to most strata of the society. I strongly recommend this book to the young and old, professionals and non-professionals, academicians and non-academicians, and to the benefit of mankind.

Dr. Chris Ita (MB.BCH, DA, MBA, MNIM)

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Health

Cross River State-Nigeria

This book is a must read for all adult. The author clearly explains and itemize both visible and invisible causes of stress and how it can be avoided. This book is a practical manual for managing stress in all works of life. It provides a simple approach of getting relieve of stress and rebuilding your energy for a happier and useful life.

— E. A. Ayolabi, Professor of Applied Geophysics, University of Lagos-Nigeria

Hopes, dreams, frustrations, and even positive achievements are all sources of stress. Stress becomes dangerous when stressing situations are frequent. Anew life free from stress is possible. “You can and must control and run your life” says Dr. Uchenna Ajake in this book “Manage your Stress” as she discusses clearly and concisely a clear path to achieve these goals in simple ways with proven efficacy.

— Dr. Yetunde Alozie, University of Uyo

Dr. Uchenna brings to you a contemporary approach to tackling stress in your life. Reading these pages will get you inspired to live a greater life; your challenges will turn to stepping stones. “Manage your stress: A practical approach” will broaden your scope towards handling daily life/career stressors.

— Engineer Linus Aniobi, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

Dr. Uchenna Egodi Ajake (nee Agba) photo

Uchenna Egodi Ajake, (Nee Agba), is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, Chairperson Institute of Education Quality Assurance Committee and the Assistant Coordinator of Postgraduate Programmes in the Institute of Education, University of Calabar, Nigeria. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Psychology from the same University. She has attended and presented papers at conferences both nationally and internationally. She has also authored and published many scholarly articles nationally as well as globally. Uchenna is a mother of three wonderful children—Faith, Favour and Precious.


Dr. Uchenna Egodi Ajake (nee Agba)
Foreword by
Prof. Abang .J. Isangedighi
Dr. Chris Echeta

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