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The Keyhole
The Adventures of Toots the Cat
by Thomas McCavour

What happens when Amanda finds a locked room in the barn and looks through the keyhole? And what happens when she sees a cat in the room? And what happens when she discovers that the room is full of her grandfather's memories about a cat named Toots?

Amanda can actually see a picture of each memory when she looks through the keyhole. It's like looking at the TV, but there is no sound. Amanda asks her grandfather to explain each event. The keyhole opens up a treasure trove of adventure stories about a young Canadian boy and a cat, growing up during the depression years of the 30's.

The stories are narrated in a series of conversations between Amanda and her grandfather. McCavour blends a series of life learning experiences and an accurate description of cat behavior into an exciting adventure for readers and cat lovers of all ages.

Thomas McCavour is a Canadian writer with a background in engineering, construction and gardening. He has recently written a novel titled Bloody Diamonds based on his travels and adventures in Northern Canada and Africa. McCavour is well known for his articles and lectures on both engineering and gardening subjects.


Thomas McCavour

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