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  • The Tales Of Rithanon


    With friends gathered around, the travelling minstrel Valdevo Baudelaire shares some of his most adventurous tales, tales of gallantry, great courage, strife, and woe, of tricks and mischief, heroes and villains, and light and darkness. Dragons, ...

  • The Fourth Installment


    The Fourth Installment. Is my fourth published book. It has the best stories for movies of all time. They are written in short story form. It continues on from the three books before. There is a GOD. There is a Satan. There is a Jesus Christ. There ...

  • The Third Book


    This is my third published book called The Third Book. The short stories are always written for movies. First off want to thank again writer author Stephen King for liking my stories and my books. That brought 300 Hollywood celebrities to come see ...

  • The Chaos Of Little Suburbia


    The Chaos Of Little Suburbia contains a variety of horrifying, thrilling and intriguing tales, ranging from the two novellas to the nine short stories. There are tales involving decimating magical forces, mysterious and otherworldly events, ...

  • The Keyhole

    The Adventures of Toots the Cat by

    What happens when Amanda finds a locked room in the barn and looks through the keyhole? And what happens when she sees a cat in the room? And what happens when she discovers that the room is full of her grandfather's memories about a cat named ...