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The Big Cookie Proposition
Insights and Inspiration for a Generous New You
by Dr. Kim Pensinger

Studies show that American Christians give only 3% of after-tax income to church, charity, and humanitarian causes. Why so little? In most cases, it’s not for lack of means or desire—they simply have yet to learn how people become givers. The Big Cookie Proposition is unlike any other book you’ve ever read on the subject of giving. It’s about how people become givers. It’s filled with insights, ideas, illustrations, and personal stories gleaned from ordinary people of all walks of life. The Big Cookie Proposition places you at the entrance of the four gateways into true generosity and inspires you to boldly enter in.

“Dr. Kim Pensinger is a writer's writer. His style is clear, easy to understand, and pleasurable to read. Yet it is also hard-hitting and made of the stuff that sticks. His years of ministry experience both here and abroad add a strain of tenderness and toughness not often found together. This newest product of his pen is no exception. I recommend it heartily. You will smile your way through it, but wind up on the other side pregnant with possibilities you had not dreamed of before. Eat and savor THE BIG COOKIE PROPOSITION. It will satisfy.” —Dr. Ron Cottle, Ph.D., Ed.D., Author, Speaker, Educator, and Founder of Christian Life School of Theology and Beacon Seminary

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Dr. Kim Pensinger and his wife, Josie, live and work in Sosua, Dominican Republic where they champion the cause of quality education for impoverished children through their nonprofit, Dominican Advance. An insightful and engaging speaker, Dr. Kim has over 35 years of experience as a church planter, pastor, missionary and fundraiser in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The Pensingers have three adult children who live in the United States.


Dr. Kim Pensinger

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