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  • Community in the Face of Tragedy

    Eleanor's House by

    A short, concise, yet powerfully inspirational book, Community in the Face of Tragedy: Eleanor’s House takes readers on a journey of humanitarian care and practical living out of the gospel. In a world that can seem overwhelmingly unkind at times, ...

  • Vada's Vittles


    A spry 78 now, momma stands 5' 4 with way more salt than pepper short tapered hair, a smooth west indies copper brown complexion, a small round head, ample small nose and lips, with meaningful intense, yet warm brown eyes, and a rather healthy belly ...

  • The Big Cookie Proposition

    Insights and Inspiration for a Generous New You by

    Studies show that American Christians give only 3% of after-tax income to church, charity, and humanitarian causes. Why so little? In most cases, it’s not for lack of means or desire—they simply have yet to learn how people become givers. The Big ...