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Personal anecdotes, Stories from a salesman, Personal essays, Work history, Friends and family, Antics in youth, Humorous personal history

And Then Ed Flapped His Wings
A Collection of Humorous Short Stories About Supposedly Smart People Doing Stupid Things
by Pete Berrall

The sections and chapters within this book are all humorous, warm-hearted, usually inspirational and completely true. Because of some x-rated language in several appendices, this is clearly NOT a children’s book, but young adults will certainly enjoy it.

The book’s title is directly lifted from a hilarious chapter titled, “In Which Ed Flies With The Eagles.”

Furthermore, as an added bonus, there is a continuing thread of valuable Leadership and Business Management lessons that will be found embedded within many of these anecdotes.

This is a collection of nostalgia based humor through a series of brief anecdotes.

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The author, “Pete” Berrall, is a retired Home Healthcare Executive and a Georgia, Certified Advanced Placement Teacher. (World History) “(Social Sciences 6-12) The author states: “The common thread that runs throughout these nostalgia-based essays is that all of them are absolutely true descriptions of Supposedly Smart People Doing Stupid Things.”

In the Appendices section, I decided to include a much more serious, “Feel-Good” Essay; “Dynasty!” (The Greatest High School Track Team in History!) Hopefully, some of my other inclusions within the Appendices, will cause you to agree, disagree, or at least might provide you with a few good laughs. Let the Endorphins flow!


Pete Berrall

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