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Purpose of Life, Life Lessons, Religious Philosophy, Dharma, Law of Attraction, Life in Guyana, Subconscious Learning

Some Observations of the Human Kind
A Memoir
by Sheer Ramjohn

By writing this book, it was my intention to present anecdotal events occurring on a daily basis which play a role in shaping our world. Ideas and scenarios presented may be well known and expounded to us many times by different authors. Hopefully, Some Observations of the Human Kind is a useful reference for the reader that merges so many of these important ideas into one tidy, little book of wisdom.

Referring to actual examples, I have shown that the world in which we live can be shaped by our own destiny and personality. We are individuals with our very own character, unique in this sense . With no one else being the same, our own special brand of uniqueness can be brought to the fore creating and contributing to humanity and society as a whole. What we are internally, and what we do outwardly, may be two different things. By this I mean that what we do is greatly influenced by the way we have been weaned from birth, and most of us do almost exactly the same as our parents taught us. Our parents may or may not have been correct; in fact, they themselves most likely carried on as their parents taught them. This is not intended to diminish the lessons offered by parents who have our best interest at heart. Instead, this book has stressed the importance of you as an individual! The trick is realizing this, and making the necessary changes in your life.

"Sheer Ramjohn's rollicking and poignant memoir takes us on a three-continent adventure that leaves us wiser and entertained.

It's a travelogue, treatise, and treasure trove of stories--all of which provide glimpses into our vulnerable yet human condition.

Whether he's wrestling anacondas, encountering ghosts, applauding heroic deeds, surviving drunken escapades, investigating machete murders, avoiding "reanimated" corpses in the morgue, celebrating Elvis, or making music and/or love across the rainforests of Guyana, Sheer Ramjohn is our tour guide into the workings of the human heart, soul, and mind."

Jim Stewart, Editor

Born and raised to age seventeen, in a relatively unknown country Guyana, had its challenges. The adventures of growing up in a tropical environment, amazing as it was, still lacked an element of yearning to know about the outside world. Formally British and English speaking, meant that I was afforded an English education, under the auspices of London University, United Kingdom. This boded well for me, and others, who sought higher education in the motherland, England. And so it was, after my General Certificate of Education, then becoming a pupil teacher, I emigrated to the United Kingdom to pursue higher learning, although not sure what. After a few casual jobs, then giving up a chance in the Royal Air Force, fate dictated I would finally settle to work and study at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in the field of Electron Microscopy and Histopathology. My journey into the philosophical, deeper intricate part of human life began. Learning about the human body and disease processes catapulted me into an amazing adventure, one which continues today. Armed with my educational attainments, I worked and taught in Guyana in Histopathology. It was no fun doing autopsies on rape cases, exhumations, accidents, disease processes; sometimes on friends, without having to think deeply. My onward journey took me to Canada, where I worked at the University Health Network for 30 years in Electron Microscopy in Pathology.

Living and working in three continents, provided me life's broad view, instilling inspiration to write this book.


Sheer Ramjohn

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