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Self-help, Depression, Anxiety, Spiritual self-help, Motivational self-help, Seeking help, Guidance

A Traveler's Journey
Hope Through Depression and Anxiety And Finding Out We're All in This Together
by Bob Purnell

“A Traveler's Journey” is a collection of insights, shared thoughts, experiences and lessons learned from journeying thru adult life with depression and anxiety. It is my fervent hope and prayer that these shared experiences and reflections will offer some light, hope, encouragement and empowerment to other people who have walked a similar Path. We Are All In This Together. We all have, not just problems, but serious issues. We aren't alone. May this offering point you toward a happier, more connected, state of emotions and mind. May you be encouraged to search for a Higher Power and reach out to others. Each one of us is different, but we all have a unique package of gifts to offer. Lastly, may this be an encouragement for you to love yourself and live in self compassion and inner harmony. Please keep a Light inside your heart and mind, even a small but sure one, every day. It'll sustain you, I promise. May God bless you and walk along with you. And, We're All In This- Together.


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Bob Purnell lives in Burlington, Ontario. He is married with 5 grown children and enough grandchildren to keep anyone busy. Bob taught for 33 years- 25 years in Grades 7/8 and specialized in Science and Phys.Ed.

Bob holds 2 Martial Arts Black Belts. A 1st Degree Black Belt in I.T.F. Tae Kwon Do and 2nd Degree in Shintani North American Wado Kai Karate. Bob owned and operated “Courtesy Disc Jockey Service” for 15 years. Retired now from full time teaching, Bob is now a Math Tutor for Grades 6-8, volunteers at the local Habitat For Humanity ReStore, and does volunteer work at the Ontario Teacher's Federation Campsite near Parry Sound, Ontario.

Bob is a monthly columnist for “Great North Arrow”, a cottage country newspaper based out of Magnetawan, Ontario. The monthly articles were the basis for his first book: “Outdoors Guy L.O.L.- Loving Outdoor Living”, which focused on Camping, Fishing, Bushcraft, and Survival. *This book is referred to at the end of this volume- and a link is provided.

Bob enjoys reading, playing chess, music, and the outdoors- especially in the wild where he can try new bush craft ideas. Fishing... goes without saying...


Bob Purnell

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