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Self-help, Making Life Choices, Personal Rising, Mindful growth, Inspirational, Self-mastery, Achieve personal heights

Ignite Your Beacon
Uncover Truth, Live With Intention, and Contribute Your Gifts to the World by Brad Johnson

Ignite Your Beacon is about uncovering truth, living with intention, and contributing your gifts to the world. It is "Tony Robbins meets Rich Mullins." It is a combination of a self-help and others-help book, an empowerment tool seeking to help individuals uncover potentially long-neglected tools and skills that were contained since birth, and encourage them to employ these skills in new and powerful ways.

The book talks about dissembling fear one brick at a time, employing the deep drives that have composed the threads of your spirit from your youth, approaching life with courage on a daily basis, and experiencing the synergistic existence that is a natural by-product of helping others to do all of the above, as well.

Most non-fiction books cover ground in relation to a handful of topics, but they may not show how these topics are connected, let alone why they matter to the reader, and what to do about it. Ignite Your Beacon is a book aimed at solving this problem. It is a book that not only informs, but equips the reader to render themselves 180 degrees within the most valuable and actionable arenas of life.

This book is a great read for anyone that is interested in motivational non-fiction and is a fan of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Rich Mullins, Dale Partridge, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Dale Partridge, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Malcolm Gladwell and Nick Vujicic.

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Brad Johnson is an entrepreneur whose creative bents have led him to merge the two interests whenever possible. He has cultivated a far-reaching range of experience within writing, editing and publishing, and has lent his talents to a variety of online platforms, including Vegaprocity, The Scene Press and Lifehack.

A vegan of three years and counting, this lifestyle is a deep-seated conviction for Brad, and he is regularly learning, exploring, and sharing more about this perspective. A musician of 14 years, Brad has performed across 14 different musical atmospheres throughout seven years of live playing, ranging from classical and orchestral to modern metal and hardcore. He is currently featured on or associated with 13 diverse recordings and is an active studio and live drummer.

Brad seeks to combine dreams with direction, ideas with execution and love with action. One of his grandest goals is to see that one day, all children throughout the world have access to the resources they need to realize their dreams, and can then make the world better because of it. Until then, he enjoys reading more books, dreaming up and executing projects and finding new ways to laugh at cats.

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Brad Johnson
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