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Self-realization, Healing, Self-love, Psychological obstacles, Family conflicts, Home, Travel

Search for the Holy Grail
A Journey through France, Germany and Serbia
by Marija Petrovic

Dear Reader,

It has been fun, catharctic, heart wrenching, inspiring and powerful to write this travel novel after a month long trip to France, Germany and Serbia.

Initially, it started out by writing down my research about Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail and the mystic sites, but then I also looked for new jobs in Germany and prepared for my final trip to Serbia, where I longed to connect with a man, whom I admired from far.

Essentially, this book represents the results of my soul journey, which reached the end of a cycle in 2012, when realized I am at crossroads in my life where I was in the situation to make a decision where to live - Germany or the United States of America, This was part of external reality, but psychologically I found the pressing need to make some internal changes in my very personal relationships

This is book is as much about the holy grail the legend of Mary Magdalene as much as it is about my own story.

I am a single woman, who lives currently in the East Bay Area, where I moved to from Philadelphia as a result of the lessons learnt from writing this book and my travel to Europe in 2012. I continue to practice psychiatry and love my work every day.

My relationships with men have improved from the time I wrote the book and I have learnt to embrace the ups and downs of relationships and find happiness in the process of looking for love. I have let go of old resentments from my childhood and enjoy writing and poetry as much as making music. My parents have still their flaws but who does not?

Most importantly I still enjoy travel, and know of the psychological and spiritual benefits of globe trotting.

I am looking forward to my next adventure, maybe Mexico or Brazil next time?


Marija Petrovic

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