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abundance, affirmations, enlightenment, law of attraction, spirituality, synchronicity, uplifting

The Feeling Universe
Discover the true nature of your emotions and intuition. by John Dunn

We live in a world of illusions. Mass media blurs what is real and what isn’t, and old belief structures cloud what is right: our inner truth. We require no other source of knowledge outside ourselves. The Feeling Universe guides you through your awakening. Learn to utilize the powers of mindfulness, to trust your own emotions and to truly feel again; our feelings are our direct connection to Source, God, and All-That-Is. Using lessons gained from his own spiritual journey, John Dunn pulls the curtain aside to reveal what is true: your emotions, your intuition, your inner truth. Your inner truth is your personal guidance system and it can be trusted absolutely. Embrace your feelings. Enjoy a life reconnected and free.

John Dunn is a seeker of truth, having accidentally stumbled upon a profound spiritual journey into inner space, beginning in 2007. Compelled by his personal transformation and discovery of the true nature of human emotions and intuition, he set out to write The Feeling Universe. Dunn currently resides in Westmeath, Ontario.


John Dunn

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