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Food~Faith~Fitness A Book of Chick Wisdom
by Francesca Armienti

COOKFITT is a book inspiring women of all ages to become healthier through cooking and fitness. It helps foster an awareness of the relationship between the mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal health, fitness and performance. This is done through stabilizing blood sugar and eating whole, natural foods along with integrating God’s Word in our daily lives

COOKFITT Lifestyle Benefits:

• Reduction in Body Fat

• Improved Energy

• Improved Strength & Concentration

• Boost Confidence

• Increased Self Respect

• Improved Outward Physical Appearance

Start experiencing a life of Better Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Joy!

Remember Chicks, You ARE What You Eat!

What others have to say about COOKFITT way of life!

“When I eat the recommended balanced meals, I can resist sweets and bread which have always been my weakness.” Jennifer B

“I never have been able to commit to changing my diet long term because everything I tried was so restrictive and I felt like I was being deprived of all the things I loved. Now I don’t want those things because they aren’t what I need for my new strong body.” Barbra C

“With these easy to follow guidelines I have been able to use every day foods already in my kitchen to succeed at becoming a healthier, happier me!” Jean W

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After graduating from culinary school in Los Angeles, CA Francesca (AKA Chefie F) traveled to Europe and worked in both Denmark and Italy specializing in regional foods. Upon her return to the USA she went on to work with the Hilton Hotel chain and became the Executive Chef of Pasta alDente Ristorante in Naples, CA. She later opened her own restaurant and catering company. She has taught cooking classes for over twenty years, consulted with several grocery store chains, worked as a food stylist on several motion pictures, a private chef and affiliated herself with the Girl Scouts of America.

Francesca is also a Certified INTRAFITT Technician. She is currently working with her husband, William Smith, President and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation. Since 1998 she has been the Director of Meal Plan Fabrication and is a leading fitness training coach.

In her spare time you can find Francesca in the barn tending to her menagerie of rescue dogs, horses and cats. She calls them her "four-legged" children.


Francesca Armienti
Contribution by
William Smith,
Lana Siefring

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