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HIV/AIDS, drug trafficking, imprisonment, unconditional love, family ties, forgiveness, drama

by Myriam Arthur

A compelling and heart-wrenching drama of one mother’s quest to save her son, and the unexpected and surprising lengths a person can be driven to in the name of love.

Story of a Canadian family residing in Bolivia at the time; set in Bolivian society in 1985, Forgiven centres on the story of Myriam Arthur, whose son, just back from university in California, shares shattering news: he thinks he may have been infected with AIDS.

Blaming herself for the tragedy, Myriam embarks on a remarkable journey into an unknown world, where drug smuggling, international intrigue, and judiciary politics take part; a world which will redefine her life.

With no help to be found at home, Myriam and her son John Paul leave Bolivia behind. Traveling abroad, Myriam faces deceit, injustice and merciless judgment. It is through these trials of darkness that she finds hope, and ultimately experiences the pinnacle of love and forgiveness.

Myriam Arthur photo

Myriam was born in Bolivia, South America, where she married John, a Canadian Engineer. She lived in and traveled through many countries around the world before settling in Abbotsford, British Columbia with her husband and two sons.

A Certified Care Aide, Myriam loves to read, write, play tennis and tend her yard. She wrote Forgiven to share her story and inspire others to find hope amidst adversity.


Myriam Arthur
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John Paul Arthur
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Brandon John Paul Arthur

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