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The Gourmet Family Moves to Canada
by Paulette Halliday

Cody, Laramie, and little Blythe are going on the greatest adventure of their lives! They are moving from Southern California to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Dad is going to drive the rented moving truck. Mom is going to drive the trusty family car. This is the quintessential North American road trip, the long distance family vacation. Complete with losing half the family and needing a tow truck, running into strange food and strange wildlife and of course one of the kids getting sick. In the end, they arrive in Canada and find out they had another passenger along the whole time. Maybe the biggest mystery is why they did it. Why move from a nice warm place with orange trees to a place that is so cold kids play ice hockey in the street?

Paulette Halliday once moved from Southern California to the prairies of Canada where she has lived on a farm for five decades. Well, maybe just four. Paulette has had some adventures of her own that moved her off the farm to go to college a second time, finishing her final exam for her B.A. on her 50th birthday. Five years later she completed her M.A. And tucked in those five years was a road trip moving three very young grandchildren from a town on the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, the land of their ancestors. This book was written for the oldest of those three grandchildren, a real live Cody whose actual name comes from another state. Beside these three grandchildren, Paulette and her farmer husband have a dozen more. Songs have been composed for them, poems written, and stories told. Other books have been bound, but only this one has so far sneaked out of the house and gone public.


Paulette Halliday

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