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Performance Equation
The rocket science (Not!) behind how great people, teams and organizations work by Mario G. Patenaude

The performance of an organization ultimately rests on the quality of its people. How well they work together to develop and implement business strategies determines the organization’s success in a global and competitive world. This absolute requirement for the right people, teams and organization is widely recognized by business leaders, but the equation behind it remains unknown for many.

Performance Equation distills the leading-edge human resources (HR) and organizational performance concepts and models down to their fundamentals, and shows how each variable fits into a simple and integrated performance equation. It offers team leaders and HR practitioners thought-provoking ideas and the necessary challenges to conventional wisdom and political correctness needed to induce reflection and action on what the right HR program is to solve their organizational performance equation.

Mario G. Patenaude is a senior HR and Communications leader who held executive roles with highly performing and admired global organizations, and is now a recognized authority in the fields of organizational performance, as well as business and HR transformation. He understands, believes in, and has experienced the performance impact of a simple, systematic, and integrated HR program driven by a high-performance HR team that is actively supported by business leaders. Mario is a business graduate of Université de Montréal’s École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program, and the United States Defense Information School (DINFOS), and holds a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. He is the President of Integral Human Resources Management Consulting, which he founded in 1997. To learn more about Mario, or to seek his advice, please visit his website at


Mario G. Patenaude

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