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A Healing Journal
Struggles from Addiction to Sobriety
by Patrick McGraw, RN

A Healing Journal is a collection of poetry designed to give inspiration to those who are in search of the path to recovery and spiritual peace. Appealing to readers who are interested in poems conveying inspirational messages of hope, love, and faith, these are poems which have helped Patrick through his recovery.

“I find it to be a remarkable and interesting piece of work, it shows an amazing and arduous journey written very well.”

Lee Anne Krusemark, Adjunct Professor, Office Professor

“My Higher Power” reflects ones feeling of peace and contentment for having found his faith in God and being one with nature.

“One Life to Live” tells how we must never take life for granted nor abuse it in detrimental ways.

“Echo of Love” depicts a mans hope for another chance with the woman he desires to spend forever with.

Katherine Smith, Editorial Coordinator, Dorrance Publishing Co Inc

"Little did you know when you wrote from your heart that it might be used as a therapeutic tool!"

Gail Allen, Mohawk Valley Consulting Associates

Patrick McGraw, RN photo

Patrick was a patient at Tully Hill Treatment Center for 21 days, spending Thanksgiving Day in rehabilitation. Because of this humbling experience, he has learned coping skills, important aspects of himself and about the disease of alcoholism. The poems he has written reflect the lectures he attended as well as the feelings he explored during his recovery; guilt, sorrow, frustration, anger and joy.

Written in sobriety, please enjoy these as Patrick did with his peers in rehabilitation. These poems are written to help you heal.


Patrick McGraw, RN
Karen Gifford
Sue McGraw

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