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Believe, What is a Soul, What is Depression, What is Truth, What is Evolution, Who are we, Who am I

by Michelle Vickers

When you understand who you are, then you are able to discover what you are capable of.

Studies have shown that over seventy percent of the population is challenged with depression at one point in their lives. Depression is a clear and simple expression of what occurs within a person when they experience a lack of truth.

The information within the pages of Believe has been strategically designed to alleviate clinical depression in vast numbers of people throughout society. Offering universal truth and clarity to those who know the experience they are having is not a reflection of who they are or what they are capable of.

FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SEARCHING for something to believe in. Something that allows them to understand the meaning of life and the reason they have endured the challenges and experiences that have consistently showed up. They are looking for truth but in ways that defy every instinct and natural tendency within them.

For the first time in the current history of the universe Believe offers clear and concise explanations of who we are as a human race. Why humanity was created and most importantly what we are capable of.

This knowledge has the ability to release the burden of confusion to allow for the experience of abundance and joy to not only enter your life but to lead it.

Michelle Vickers’ passion for the exploration of evolution has allowed her to uncover the truth behind the essential nature of the challenges that face humanity. Her discoveries have created the opportunity for humanity to thrive once again. When Michelle is not enjoying the peace filled quiet of her Canadian home she is travelling the world offering Events in which others experience the full expression of Universal Awareness. For more information on Michelle, her books or Events please visit


Michelle Vickers

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