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What faced office worker in the seventies, How to overcome adversity, Conversation in the boardroom, Juggling housework when working, Wage equity and fair play, Being kind to others pays off big time, Anything is possible, Woman’s liberation, Theft in the office, Office behavior, Office politics, Alcoholism

Hornets in the Office
by Marie E. Rickwood

Elly Thomas is young, beautiful, and very well-trained to be a housewife. She fills this position above and beyond anyone’s expectations; however, after ten years of marriage and the birth of twin sons, now eight years old, Elly has become bored and restless. She has carried this unfulfilled feeling around for many weeks while struggling to find an answer. Finally, she decides going back to work in an office would solve her dilemma. She knows, however, that her husband Vincent would not agree, he would be angry…she was right.

Elly won the argument and her husband reluctantly capitulated. But Elly, in all her naivety, could never have imagined what she would face in the corporate world.

For the back of book:

Anyone who has ever worked in an office or who has had to juggle professional and personal lives should read, Hornets in the Office. Rendered with wit and charm, this book will keep you engrossed as you follow the deft plot and well-drawn characters. Highly recommended.

Professor Karen Blomain, Scranton, Pennsylvania

I found Hornets in the Office to be compelling and exciting. It is a real page turner with unexpected turn of events. It is a must read.

Georgina P. Gropp, Educator

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This is a first novel for Marie Rickwood. Her past writing experience includes social correspondence for newspapers, a corporate magazine, and writing winning speeches for International Training in Communication. Marie resides on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.


Marie E. Rickwood
Joy Eckel
Les Ashcroft

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