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  • Beautiful Brilliant and Brave

    An homage to girls and women around the world who choose to think for themselves; to be trailblazers and to celebrate their greatness, with no apology. by

    “THE BUILDING OF MOUNTAINS and wondrous structures becomes a whole lot easier, and extensively more sustainable, when we commit to celebrating each other’s successes, rather than expending time and energy tearing them down.”

  • Escaping My Predator


    Spousal abuse is all too common, and there are many—too many—families that are irreparably damaged. This book is a first-person account of what it takes to survive sexual assault, emotional abuse, and long-term harassment by an intimate partner. It ...

  • Mouths Full Of Dawn


    Mouths full of dawn is the first series of poetry from the author's Colors of the Millennium Collection. It is a collection of prose written in response to the social injustice and stigmatization of those who are marginalized and misplaced in ...

  • Hornets in the Office


    Elly Thomas is young, beautiful, and very well-trained to be a housewife. She fills this position above and beyond anyone’s expectations; however, after ten years of marriage and the birth of twin sons, now eight years old, Elly has become bored and ...

  • Swarm Before Me

    The Tragic Case of Becker v Pettkus by

    On November 5, 1986, Rosa Becker, the estranged common law partner of a successful beekeeper in Eastern Ontario, shot herself in the head and died. That fatal shot reverberated throughout the Canadian legal system when her suicide note revealed she ...

  • The Beekeeper's Wife


    The Beekeeper’s Wife is inspired by Herbert Scott’s poem of the same name. It is an attempt to imagine the life of the woman behind the poem. Shanda Hansma Blue’s The Beekeeper’s Wife is a brilliant poetic argument between nature and ...