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  • Milk with Wine

    A Child's Year in Paris, 1963 by

    In 1963, eight-year-old Meg is swept off to Paris for a year with her family. A precocious child raised in an English enclave of Montreal, she speaks no French at all. Her parents enrol her at a strict Parisian school, where she is treated like the ...

  • Travels in Languedoc

    Secrets to a Memorable Visit by

    The Languedoc region of France features so many towns, festivals, restaurants, wineries, and cultural attractions that you could spend years getting to know the area. What’s a visitor to do when you have only so many days to explore the Languedoc? ...

  • A Garrulous Tramp

    Harri's on Tour by

    After a career in Canadian banking Carl decided to retire early from gainful employment. He wanted to travel down the roads he had day-dreamed of during his working years. So off he went to achieve fulfilment of those travelling desires. A ...