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Languedoc, France; recipes; travel; local perspective; monthly guide; French festivals; tourism

Travels in Languedoc
Secrets to a Memorable Visit
by Andrea Swan and Monique Guezel

The Languedoc region of France features so many towns, festivals, restaurants, wineries, and cultural attractions that you could spend years getting to know the area. What’s a visitor to do when you have only so many days to explore the Languedoc? Turn to this handy, month-by-month guide to answer the question, “What is the best time to visit the Languedoc?”

Personal anecdotes from the authors give you a sense of life throughout the year. Spring allows visitors to wander through the vegetable markets, explore antique shops and secondhand bookstores, and learn about the region’s history. Summertime brings trips to the mountains or the beach, celebrations of Bastille Day and invitations to happy hour to share aperitifs with the locals. Fall offers opportunities to harvest grapes for wine making, watch local sporting events and enjoy the culinary talents of the area’s finest chefs. Winter features celebrations of community traditions, holy days and holiday festivities.

In addition to discovering when to visit the Languedoc, Travels in Languedoc features recipes that introduce you to the food and culture of the region. You can prepare the recipes before your trip to get a sense of the flavors of the region, or you can prepare the dishes upon your return and take a trip down memory lane. Either way, you’re sure to appreciate the glimpses into everyday life the recipes offer.

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Authors Andrea Swan and Monique Guezel have more than forty years’ knowledge of the Languedoc. After being asked countless times, “When is the best time to visit the Languedoc?” they decided to team up to answer that question. The result is Travels in Languedoc: Secrets to a Memorable Visit.

Andrea has owned a house in Monique’s village and visited the Languedoc for more than ten years. She delights in going beyond the typical tourist attractions and immersing herself in everyday life to experience the region’s riches to the fullest. Andrea and her husband, Andy, spend six months of the year in the Languedoc and the other six months in Victoria, British Columbia. She is fluent in French and enjoys travelling the region to do research and collect anecdotes to share with her family and friends.

With deep roots in the Languedoc, Monique provides the secrets that only the locals know. She proudly shares her knowledge and understanding of the region and culture, including her recipes for authentic dishes that are popular in the Languedoc.


Andrea Swan
Monique Guezel

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