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  • Sailing Bear Cub

    While Navigating the Ebb & Flow of Life by

    Using offshore sailing as an analogy to sailing ones’ own life, the author reflects back on her life-long affiliation with water and boats and how they are intertwined with relationships in her life. From one woman’s perspective, this memoir ...

  • Rafting the Great Northern Rivers

    The Nahanni, Firth, and Tatshenshini by

    Though modern science and technology have given us comfort and security, for many people, something deeper is also needed; something that takes us closer to our evolutionary roots in nature. This book will allow the reader to experience, from the ...

  • Living On the Edge


    This fascinating travel guide and memoir recounts author Neil Selinger’s journey through more than 40 countries over a 22-year period of time. The anecdotes and reflections he shares are from photos and from memories, as few notes were kept. The ...

  • Twenty Years at Sea

    The World as my Classroom by

    Do you know, deep in your heart, that there’s more to life — but you don’t know what to make of that feeling? Why not travel the world, and learn just how right you are. Laura Goor believed that there were dreams, and there was reality, and the two ...

  • The Ultimate Belize Bucket List - 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do

    101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do by

    The Ultimate Belize Bucket List is more than a compilation of exciting things to see and do in Central America’s fastest growing tourism hotspot. Offering an insider glimpse into the nation’s most coveted and awe-inspiring experiences, it goes ...

  • Time and Tides

    One Woman's Inward Journey and Outward Adventure by

    It began with the idea of north... Twenty-five years later the author leads us on her odyssey into the Arctic wilderness, the rainforests of the west coast and further afield. From the totems of Haida Gwaii to the flickering light of a kudluk in a ...

  • The Most Adventurous, the Most Arduous, and the Longest Way to Canada

    A Documented Travel Adventure because of love for MEDICINE! by

    A thrilling true story that follows the adventures of three medical professionals and their dog as they leave behind a thriving practice and head off on the journey of their lives aboard a 52-foot yacht named Nessie. With little experience aside ...

  • Around the World in Six Years

    My mostly solo circumnavigation in a 35 foot sailboat by

    At the age of 67, Henry Holt struck off on a sailing adventure that would become a six-year voyage unlike any other way of seeing the world. The people he met and the challenges he faced along the way – from bureaucratic headaches at ports, to truly ...

  • The Good Life

    Sailing in the South Pacific in the good ship Mah-lish by

    This book narrates the fascinating and sometimes dangerous but always thought-provoking adventures of the good ship Mah-lish. In a lighted-hearted and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny way, we enjoy Don and Esther Brown's odyssey around the South ...