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    Talk Matters!

    Saving the World One Word at a Time; Solving Complex Issues Through Brain Science, Mindful Awareness and Effective Process by

    We create the present and future in our meetings and conversations every day. What can we do to increase the likelihood that we’re creating a future that we all want? We can start by talking more constructively and productively about what matters to ...

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    Six Steps to Better Thinking

    How to Disagree and Get Along by

    In a world of post truth politics, alternative facts, and fake news, there really are better and worse ways to think about things and that disagreement need not lead to incivility, hatred, or violence. The title of the book implies that some ideas ...

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    Leadership, Management, Administratorship


    Aybars Oztuna addresses the personal characteristics essential to successful leadership, management and administration. He talks about how to develop leadership skills, perspectives on leading and managing, how to become a good leader and delves ...

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    Creating Big Presence in Presentations

    A Guide for Presentations by

    Even though most people have never heard of Glossophobia, almost all of us have experienced it―at least to some degree. Fear of public speaking is something most of us have suffered from at some point in our lives, and many of us never get past it. ...

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    The Way I Hear It

    A Life with Hearing Loss by

    If you think hearing loss is just a condition of old age—think again. In The Way I Hear It, Gael Hannan explodes one myth after another in a witty and insightful journey into life with hearing loss at every age. Blending personal stories with ...