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  • Art-Making

    A Companion in Solitude by

    Many people turn to "The Arts" during periods of solitude, whether externally or internally imposed. They may have a deep-seated need, a passion, to make visual art statements. The letters are written to the reader/art-making companion to inspire ...

  • Writing with Your Ever-Present Muse

    75 Catalytic Reads, Wisdom Pockets, and Living Experiments by

    Learn to write freely from an open, fluid, and spacious state of consciousness with this extraordinary guide to attuned writing. Whatever your writing experience, context, or genre, this book will give you the tools and support to open your creative ...

  • "Me" Time

    Discover How Great You Are by

    In a society consumed by technology, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our communities and the world around us. Step outside of your comfort zone and embrace your creativity with Me Time: Discover How Great You Are. Get back to nature and ...

  • Color Up

    to Create the Life You Want to Live by

    Today’s world is stuck in black-and-white thinking that limits creative possibilities. We all need fresh ways to move forward beyond constraints that insist on only two possibilities—one right, the other wrong. But the world is not a ...

  • Mind & Music

    Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row by

    Mind & Music: Tips and Lessons from the Guy in the Back Row is a book filled with relevant and enlightening anecdotes to help people find their own “voice.” Watching life from the back row - close enough to see, hear and feel the vibe - but not too ...

  • The Art of Becoming An Artist


    Being an artist can be the most enchanting life imaginable – and the most tormenting. Finding your way to your own creative universe is an extraordinary and infinitely surprising journey. Still, every artist falters at some point. Call it what you ...

  • Serenity Adult Colouring


    The adult coloring-book trend reaches its pinnacle with Serenity, a truly remarkable coloring book filled with a stunning collection of illustrations calling out to be transformed with color. Page after page, Serenity spills over with outline ...

  • Collage Quest

    Ancient Roots of Paper Co-Creations by

    Come voyage through lost roots of the multi-dimensional artistry of collage. This seemingly simple method leads you on an adventure of self discovery, developing your innate abilities for shapes-shifting using paper, scissors and glue. Author and ...