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Serenity Adult Colouring
by Patricia Timmermans

The adult coloring-book trend reaches its pinnacle with Serenity, a truly remarkable coloring book filled with a stunning collection of illustrations calling out to be transformed with color. Page after page, Serenity spills over with outline drawings, doodles, and mandalas that are wonderfully detailed, offering the opportunity for creative interpretation. From gardens to butterflies, seaside scenes to busy interiors, picnics to parties, ribbons to dreamcatchers, the bounty of choices here calls out for color-wielding artists to play.

Coloring offers adults and teens—perhaps alone, perhaps in social groups in search of recreational engagement—the potential for all kinds of restful preoccupation. True to its name, Serenity is a sweet remedy for individuals who are feeling stressed in their daily lives and would find relief in such an artistic endeavor. It’s also an invitation for would-be or frustrated artists to take an assisted next step. Each one of Timmermans’ drawings provides a perfectly beautiful launchpad for inspiration to see them through to colorful completion.

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Patricia Timmermans suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited, degenerative eye disease that is slowly robbing her of her sight. But she has devised a brilliant antidote to her looming darkness in the form of a vision-focused bucket list of things she means to accomplish before she is completely blind.

Among them? The creation of a coloring book.

Every morning, she appreciates the blue sky and shades of green outside her bedroom window. Every day, she memorizes as much of the beauty that surrounds her as she can, and every day, she is grateful. This book is a celebration of sight, color and beauty.

Timmermans began drawing in 2012, and in 2014, won two first-place ribbons in her first art competition. Today, she displays her art in the public library and regularly donates her drawings to charity art auctions. She is an active volunteer in her community and an advocate for individuals with disabilities.

Timmermans is hopeful that, in addition to providing a rich opportunity for creative entertainment, Serenity will inspire others to similarly follow their dreams. If she can offer up her example of a response to a disability, she’s hopeful that individuals discouraged by their own disabilities might feel equally moved to creative action.


Patricia Timmermans

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