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  • Science and Spirituality... bridging the gap


    This book provides a fascinating, well-researched, and thorough discussion of the connections between science and spirituality, including religion. It is eye-opening and allows readers to truly redefine how they look at these disciplines while ...

  • The Social Gene


    The hypothesis of animal interactions, known as kin selection or the selfish gene, proposes that only blood relatives are capable of forming herds and engaging in unselfish acts with each other. While this may satisfy the expectations of many ...

  • Perspectives

    The Evolution of the Cosmos, Life, Humans, Culture and Religion and a Look into the Future by

    From the first seconds Following the Big Bang, to our best guesses for the fate of the universe and humanity, science provides stunning new perspectives about the place of humanity in the cosmos. Humans may live on one planet in one small corner of ...

  • Through the Eyes of Darwin and Genesis


    Ever since Darwin replaced traditional creation stories with a rational approach to human origins, we have lost touch with spiritual meanings of the ancient myths. These unscientific messages are vibrant and alive and deserve a voice in the modern ...