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Genesis, Darwin, Natural selection, Interpreting the Bible, Theory of evolution, Science and religion, False controversy

Through the Eyes of Darwin and Genesis
by Bill Nielsen

Ever since Darwin replaced traditional creation stories with a rational approach to human origins, we have lost touch with spiritual meanings of the ancient myths. These unscientific messages are vibrant and alive and deserve a voice in the modern consciousness. By exploring the historical details of the Genesis/Darwin debate, we can appreciate the insights and limitations of both world views.


Did you know:

The Big Bang theory was created by a Catholic priest in 1927?

Aristotle described natural selection over two thousand years ago?

The word evolution refers to four different kinds of theories?

The Book of Genesis is a lesson in ecology?

Dr. Bill Nielsen is a surgeon focusing on cancer treatments. He enjoys hiking, playing the violin, and reading science, poetry, and myth. He has published widely in medical journals and parenting magazines, and this is his first book. He lives with his wife and three children on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Bill Nielsen

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